Mark Rothko

“This common participation in the Trinity of Line, Form and Colour has founded a promiscuous fellowship which, while promoting the respect for skill, promotes to a far greater degree the misunderstanding of art. For skill in itself is but a sleight of hand. In a work of art one does not measure its extent but counts himself happiest when he is unaware of its existence in the contemplation of the result. Among those who decorate our banks and hotels you will find many who can imitate the manner of any master, living or dead, far better than the master could imitate himself. But they have no more knowledge of his soul than they have knowledge of their own.” The Artist’s Reality, Mark Rothko.

A Master of his time. The defacement of one of Rothko’s magnificent Seagram Murals was, in my eyes, nothing more than vandalism and showed an absolute complete lack of respect and understanding of Art, its history and of Mark Rothko himself. SK

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