The Gift. 2012


It is incredible what can spark an idea. It can be the most random inconceivable thing.  It is also incredible how an idea can evolve within seconds. In an instant a banal “money-making scheme” can become something artistically promising the extraordinary.

However there is still that doubt, that nagging lecturer who absconded during your second year asking that impossible to answer question. Why? Why do that? Why do this? Why do anything when you can’t answer the why to begin with?
The answer of course is precisely that, that you can not begin to fathom a response until you have taken the journey.
Unfortunately the old habit of producing nothing without reason still hinders and so until the habit is broken, a reason is formulated.
Create as a gift.
Freedom to undertake the journey!

Materials are purchased.

Progression is made.

Romanticism sets in. Creation via. the heart. The piece becomes an extension of the soul. The remembrance that this is a gift in all honesty begins to frighten, but it must be seen, it must be set free.

It is imperative the piece is viewed as quite possibly the beginning of something glorious.



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