I Am A Strawberry. Chapter 2. 2013

I am a Strawberry. Ink on Carbon Paper

I am a Strawberry. Ink on Carbon Paper

Whilst trying to ignite some more inspiration a spontaneous sketch led me to experimenting with screen printing.

Screen printing was not something I had done since high school where it is a lot cheaper to do, for my school provided the materials and dark room.

After botching a screen together out of some Hessian I had kicking around and an old wooden mirror frame that had lived in my car’s boot for some years I endeavoured to spend a weekend successfully printing.

Using a mix of PVA and Acrylic I ended up spending many hours slavishly transferring my design to the screen. Much to my relief I can say I am pretty darn over the moon with the results!

_DSC7349 _DSC7350

I feel my next step is to work into each print differently; sketching, colouring, painting, collaging etc.

UPDATE: Original prints are now available for purchase here ->


Typically of me, out of all I created that weekend, my biggest success I feel, is how the screen itself turned out. SK


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