I Am A Raspberry. 2014

And so with the New Year came also me turning the big quarter of a century, 25.

We’re reaching serious numbers now.

So I decided it was:

“Time to finally take responsibility of my life, my career, my happiness and my health and make my dreams reality by becoming the person I want to be...” http://staceykath.com/2014/01/01/happy-new-year-watchthisspace

Almost a month later and things are happening; several paintings are tiny steps closer to completion, several projects are picking up steam and I am finding and making time to keep myself creatively active. I even had a toot on me ol’flute last night which felt really good after….oooo 8 years, totes still got it 😉

Anyway the point of this post was to say Strawberries aren’t the only fruit I get the “pleasure” to work with, I also grow Raspberries.

I haven’t given up on the I Am A Strawberry prints, don’t you worry, smaller colourful prints will happen this year.

However for the time being I am making a side step into I Am A Raspberry as they are such a beautiful little fruit that display a wide range of colours throughout their ripening process and ideas are just pinging around my head and  I need to get them out.


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