I Am A Strawberry. 2013

I Am A Strawberry.

I should explain… after completing my degree and placing the posh paper proof in the bottom of a dark dusty draw in a dark dusty room in which no one ever goes into, I inevitably became an infinitesimal cog for one of the monstrous machines of UK supermarkets… great, I thought, 3 nights of work the rest of the week for art. 3 nights a week for 6 months was soul destroying, I had to escape.

Escape I did, to here:

Horticultural Research Agronomist I am. Basically, in a nut shell, I now grow Strawberries. It’s not your typical job and do not get me wrong, I enjoy every moment of it…


Is there not always that “But…”…

There’s that feeling:

I’ve grown terribly lost with my work over the years. I know who I am, it is the feeling of who I am that I have lost.

The search begins with that which my life is now.

I am a Strawberry.


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